Dallas TX Nutrition and Workout Recovery Shake Video of Wellness & Nutrition Specialist Mike Johnson

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Dallas Nutrition and Workout Recovery Shake Video of Dallas Texas Wellness and Nutrition Specialist Mike Johnson from Dallas Plummer on Vimeo.


The Dallas Texas nutrition and workout recovery shake video of Dallas TX wellness and nutrition specialist Mike Johnson features him showing and explaining how and why he is consuming this workout recovery shake and how it factors in to health, wellness and fitness in Dallas Texas.  You may visit his Dallas nutrition and fitness blog at:  http://dallastexasnutrition.blogspot.com .  You may also contact him at:  817-382-1051


Dallas Texas College Football Video at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas with Dallas Plummer

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With Texas being the top state for American football, watch as Dallas Plummer of  www.dallasplummer.com speaks about football at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas Texas.



Vertical Leap Video in Dallas TX of Dallas Texas Nutrition and Wellness Coach Michael Johnson

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You may view the vertical leap video of Dallas Texas health, wellness and nutrition coach Michael Johnson, as he showcases his 42 inch vertical leap and ball handling and dribbling skills.  Athleticism and fitness are by-products of nutrition in Dallas Texas as Mike Johnson shows.  You may visit his Dallas Texas nutrition and fitness blog at:  http://dallastexasnutrition.blogspot.com.  You may contact him at:  817-382-1051


Dallas Plummer Washington DC Tourism and Travel Video at the Library of Congress

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The Washington DC tourism and travel video at the Library of Congress with Dallas Plummer of http://www.dallaspummer.com features him talking about national landmarks and historical documents at the Library of Congress.    The video below shows how to insert oneself and make oneself relevant to their surroundings in regards to the search engines.



Contact him at dallasplummer@dallasplummer.com for inquiries.

Dallas Texas Travel Video and Charity Auto Show with Dallas Plummer and Phoenix Insurance Company

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While traveling in Dallas Texas on the weekend of November 8-10, 2013, I happened by this charity auto show sponsored by the Phoenix Insurance Company.  It was in an open air space and I thought that after looking at the cars parked there, it cost a fee to get in.  So I approached the entrance gate and asked a gentlemen there, Jason Olson, what was going on and he explained that it was a charity auto show.  He came across the street from the event and ushered me into a parking lot and then we both walked back across the street to the auto show and he explained what was going on.

Jason Olson explains, “We put this show together as a charity event sponsored by The Phoenix Insurance Company which benefits children with childhood diseases and afflictions and who are being treated at the Shriners Hospital for Children.  This year we have raised approximately $7,000.00 at this show and we try and do this every year”.

The fun in travel and tourism in any location is to find cool events such as this charity event and it is significant that it is in Dallas Texas.  The downtown Dallas area is bustling with a cool night life and is a very nice and clean.  As you can see from the video below, this event was a place to be.  Proceeds of this charity event will go towards the Shriners Hospital for Children and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.


You may visit The Phoenix Insurance Company at:  www.thephoenixinsurance.com and contact Jason Olson at: Jason@thephoenixinsurance.com.  You may contact Dallas Plummer at:  dallasplummer@dallasplummer.com for information related to the creation of this video.



Dallas Plummer Dallas Texas Travel and Tourism Photos

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The travel and tourism photos in Dallas Texas features Dallas Plummer of DallasPlummer.com at the Galleria Mall, American Airlines Arena, home to the NBA Dallas Mavericks and NHL Dallas Stars.  Take a walking tour of downtown Dallas Texas with Dallas Plummer and you will see the W Hotel and the Rolex Corporate headquarters building.

Dallas Texas event photo

Dallas Plummer at the American Airlines Arena

Pictured above is Dallas Plummer at the American Airlines Arena in their courtyard and mini mall which features restaurants, big screen TV panels and a radio station.

Dallas Plummer Travel photo

Dallas Plummer Travel Photo at the W Hotel in Dallas Texas

Here you can see Dallas Plummer at the American Airlines Arena facing towards the W Hotel.


Dallas Texas shopping photo

Dallas Texas Shopping Photo at Galleria Mall with Dallas Plummer

The shopping photo in Dallas Texas of Dallas Plummer of DallasPlummer.com features him at the Galleria Mall in Dallas Texas.





Dallas Plummer White House Video in Washington DC

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The White House video with Dallas Plummer in Washington DC features tourist attractions, travel and United States historical landmarks and government operations.  On any given day, there are thousands of visitors to the White House both internally and externally, as shown in this video at the gate of the White House.




Dallas Plummer on Dallas Plumbers and Dallas TX Plumbing

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The Dallas Texas plumbing and Dallas plumbers video shows Dallas Plummer of DallasPlummer.com at Lowes in Dallas Texas speaking about home improvement.  The plumbing supply stores in and around Dallas Texas help with water leaks, cesspool cleaning and repair, pipe cleaning and fitting in Dallas County.