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With this part of, I will always post standalone photos and videos of something that I recently liked or that I recently took a photo or video of. This will not be a daily or weekly update. It will be when I’m feeling it. The purpose of these types of posts are to show the digital marketing value that photos and videos have to a websites’ search engine position.

Since content is king, the quality of your content will determine your user engagement, the behavior of search engine robots crawling your website and the popularity of your website. My mantra for posting photos and videos on any website is simple: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, video or images are worth a million words”.

Don’t forget the usefulness of alt image tagging, text titles of your photos and videos and also having audio in your video files which use the keywords/key phrases you are targeting. More on this in my later posts.

The photos and videos that this page and overall website will feature will be of current events, sports, fitness, food and healthy eating.



Intrepid Museum Photos

Intrepid Museum Photos

Here is Dallas Plummer at the Intrepid Museum where helped with the docking of the aircraft carrier by holding onto and pulling the ship into its berth. Notice the gloves on his hand.  #aircraftcarrier  #intrepidmuseum  #dallasplummer  #hudsonriver  #nycphotography  #nyctourism  #nyctravel