I recently was invited to and attended a free AWS Summit in New York City at the Javits Center on the West Side of Manhattan seeking AWS cloud computing training and certification. I attended the first Summit in 2017 at the Javits Center in search of information on AWS training and certification. I went to the help desk that was set up in the Javits Center and manned by AWS personnel. I was referred by Amazon AWS employees to A Cloud Guru, which confirmed what I had been hearing about A Cloud Guru and Ryan Kroonenberg.

You see, the company I work for had 6 websites recently migrated from fly by night, low budget web hosting companies by myself to Rackspace with no instance of errors or website outages. It does not go without saying that I firmly respect their (Rackspace) recommendations and input on any technical matter.

Cloud Computing Training photo

With Ryan Kroonenberg of A Cloud Guru at AWS Summit


So I went to the AWS Summit in New York City basically because 1. its fun to go to 2. its free 3. you can learn so much about AWS in one day 4. they feed 10-15,000 people on their dime and most importantly because A Cloud Guru was going to be there with a booth.

Cloud Computing pic

AWS Summit NYC Agenda – Cloud Computing Training and Certifications

Cloud Computing image

Rackspace at AWS Summit NYC

Cloud Computing photograph

Dallas Plummer at Sunguard Disaster Recovery

Cloud Computing picture

AWS Summit New York City at Javits Center

AWS Cloud Computing training pic

AWS Cloud Computing Summit NYC

Off I went and to my pleasant surprise A Cloud Guru was there without a line or Que as they might say. I went over to Ryan, introduced myself and an asked him questions regarding my training track and he was very helpful and pleasant. Of course, I had to take a photo with him, which he gladly obliged. I am now confident and pleased to use A Cloud Guru because of the insight that Ryan and his team provided and as of this writing, I am immersed in the Solutions Architect Associates training for AWS via A Cloud Guru.

I am also going to AWS: Re-Invent 2018 in Las Vegas which promises to be a life and career changing event. Here is where cloud computing truly meets digital marketing.


So there you have it for right now. I will be posting more and more images and stories of my travels in the technology sector as it relates to cloud computing and digital. This is an exciting time in this space.