Using 360 degree videos and 360 degree photos in your website and digital marketing campaigns, will boost your websites’ search engine visibility. Not just because its a form of digital media but it is newer and more engaging media, which visitors to your website are more likely to view and click on.  In the 360 degree video below, you can see Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan in NYC and as you pan around by swirling the video with your mouse pointer, you can see the Freedom Tower on the WTC site.  This view gives a more engaging interaction with the subject matter and it allows the viewer to see your video images from a 360 degree angle.


The next video is of a short walking tour in front of Yankee Stadium, which shows the stadium in all its glory and the surrounding area. This puts someone who is in another city, state or country into the aura of Yankee Stadium.


In my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, for the AWS Re:Invent 2018, watch as I map all hotels that comprise the re:Invent campus to help visitors get a rich media visual to help them navigate the event venues. AWS is doing a fine job promoting re:Invent. This 360 video is just my way of helping them promote it, since I will be there. I am excited to be going. More on that in future posts.


Here is a 360 degree photo or panoramic view of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City.