Time and time again, when I explain to people what cloud computing is and reference Amazon Web Services, I hear the refrain, “Amazon is taking over the world”. Really.  This is irritating not just because it isn’t true but if you are going to make such a statement, why not back it up with some sort of facts, instead of what you heard online from a website such as amazonisgonnatakeovertheworld.com (No such website; just made it up to drive home the point).


Amazon photo

Let’s look at this statement a little closer and examine who and what Amazon really is. Amazon is a huge corporation, entrenched in the online sales vertical, that is, the largest e-commerce platform (arguably) in the world.  Amazon is also the owner of Amazon Prime, a digital service which allows the subscriber to purchase movies, music and many offerings on the Amazon.com e-commerce suite of products.  Additionally, with Amazon Prime, you can receive discounts and delivery from Whole Foods, another recent Amazon acquisition.

The most exciting offering that Amazon is engaged in is their Cloud Computing offering, that is, AWS or Amazon Web Services. AWS is basically the ability to rent an entire enterprise level computer system or data center. Such terms as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, XaaS are terms associated with cloud computing and it’s different offerings and facets.

So is Amazon really taking over the world? Firstly, they are a business and if they have built their e-commerce platform into a world leader in this category, they must be doing something right. I have used Amazon to purchase quite a few things and I have never had a negative experience, especially since they do not rely so heavily on UPS, USPS or FedEx anymore.  The nightmare delivery scenarios were hurting the Amazon brand, so they went and invested in their own delivery platforms and services.

They are offering jobs with a better living wage and where this has produced consternation among many media observers and others, there is still a tremendous upside for career growth. In robotics, warehouse management, delivery management, AI and other emerging technologies.

Amazon is touting it’s cloud computing services, where it owns 90% market share in the world. Here there is an opportunity to learn cutting edge, emerging technology with not just a living wage but a high end salary in the six figure range. A corporate entity with offices all over the globe need not invest millions in data center or computer room costs but can invest in the pay as you go AWS platform. Why my excitement?  Coming fro m this same data center background, it was not only cumbersome running computer or data center operations but you were a slave to the machine. Any hardware upgrades to the computer system, was your raise going out the window.

Now with savings provided by the AWS platform, real-time career advancements will be realized by those in the systems architecture, technical support and operations. The AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Sys Ops Admin and other specialty certifications will provide a major career boost and high visibility credentialing.

So, no, Amazon is not this huge ogre, taking over the world and making all mankind a slave to it. Amazon is a corporation with some faults but it is working towards transparency and betterment of its workplace for it employees and associates through more than just a living wage.