The local search engine optimization (SEO) agency of Dallas Plummer Digital has opened a fully accessible office in Downtown Orlando, located at 450 South Orange Avenue. Dallas Plummer Digital focuses on creation and management of local search toolsets such as Google Business Profiles, Bing Places For Business and Yelp, to name a few. As a Google Trusted photographer, Dallas Plummer Digital is a verified 360 or virtual photographer, enabled by Google Inc to take 360 photos with the ultimate creation of virtual tours for the interior and exterior of brick and mortar businesses. The goal is for these virtual tours to appear on Google Maps, so that your customers can not only find you but their visual experience will be enhanced with the 360 photos and virtual tours.

What is a Google Trusted Photographer?

Dallas Plummer Digital is a Google Trusted Photographer and Google Business Profile management expert, with over 5 years experience and specializing in relevant local search terms and content that focuses on your business. A Google Trusted Photographer serves the same function as the Google Maps car that you may have seen in your neighborhood, mapping streets and businesses. Working with a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, guarantees that your photos and virtual tours appear on Google Maps and Google Street view for the brick and mortar location for your business. When customers search for your local business on Google Maps, such as, “Chinese restaurant near me”, Dallas Plummer Digital can optimize your Google Business Profile, so that it will appear at the top of the returned results in Google Maps. At the end of the day, you would want relevant and qualified visitors resulting in phone calls, emails and visits to your offices, thereby increasing revenue for you business.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer of Dallas Plummer Digital

What is a 360 photo and what is a virtual tour?

A 360 photo is a photo taken with a special camera that allows you to view the area of the photo is a 360 degree view. You can then “spin” the photo 360 degrees and see everything within that view. A group of 360 photos are “joined” together and with arrows within the photo views, you can take a tour in any direction that the arrows point to within the photo views. This gives a more comprehensive view of your office, business, property or any brick and mortar location that you control. Dallas Plummer Digital has years of experience successfully deploying 360 photographs and virtual tours for many small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Orlando and Tampa Florida areas.

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