A Google Business Profile is extremely useful in local search and local seo since Google requires your brick and mortar location to be verified via phone, postcard or video taken at your actual business address that you will be using for your business. Regular photos, 360 photos and video lasting up to 10 seconds can be uploaded to your Google Street View platform, which will then be converted to Google Maps via your Google Business Profile. A very good example of this local search technique is via my client, Northmen Roofing in Orlando Florida.

How Do 360 Photos Help with Local Search?

By taking a 360 photo at the physical location of your business, that photo will be indexed by Google, showing that it was taken at that particular brick and mortar location for that business. Google further loves that a 360 photo was taken and used for the business location because it enhances the user experience which is what a good website is all about. Northmen Roofing’s Google Profile and Dallas Plummer Digital’s Google Business Profile show the usefulness of this technique, with 360 photos and video, which enhances each business’ profile for Google Local Search.

Should You Invest in Local Search?

Google has Google Business Profile, Bing has Bing Places for Business and then there’s Yelp and other local search services. An enormous amount of daily searches are being done on mobile devices and via Google maps for local businesses, such as, restaurants, doctor’s offices and supermarkets, which indicates that local search is a large part of your digital marketing portfolio. Let the folks at Dallas Plummer Digital help you with your local search and local seo by going to the Home Page of Dallasplummer.com and submitting an email inquiry for our local search services.

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