Google My Business, 360 Photos & Virtual Tours Drive Local SEO.

Local SEO or local search engine optimization is based upon a brick and mortar business location, which serves a local area. A prime example of this may be a restaurant, auto repair shop, doctors’ office, dentist office or grocery store. Google My Business and Bing Places for Business are key components of local SEO in that they certify your local business’ location on Google Maps and Bing Maps. Other components of local SEO and local search are Yelp, and an Apple Maps Business listing.

What really is Google My Business and Bing Places for Business?  Both Google My Business and Bing Places for Business are local search initiatives by both Google and Bing/Microsoft, which allow you to add and verify your brick-and-mortar business location on Google Maps and Bing Maps. If someone searches on, Google Maps, or Bing Maps for “Chinese restaurant near me”, “roofing contractor near me” or “pain free dentist near me”, for example, being on Google My Business and Bing Places for Business will cause your business to show up in Google and Bing search results.

How to show up in the top page for returned local search results on Google and Bing is what Dallas Plummer can do for your business with proven results in the home improvement industry as well as for his own brick and mortar business location.

Using 360 photos, virtual tours, 360 video and live video tours in addition to standard search engine optimization practices, Dallas Plummer is able to achieve lasting, page one search engine results for your business and its niche keywords and key phrases.  What, then, is a keyword or key phrase? A keyword or key phrase are nouns or words that describe what your business does. For example, a keyword for a dentist is dentist and a key phrase is root canal or tooth pain. A keyword for roofing contracting is roofing and key phrase would be tile roof repair or roof leak repair.

I believe a winning combination of Local SEO using Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Virtual Tours, 360 photos and videos and relevant keywords and key-phrases, will generate phone calls, emails and other calls to action.

What Are 360 Photos?

A 360 photo is a photograph taken with a special camera which gives a panoramic, spherical or 360 degree view. The value of this is seeing a snapshot of a full scene such as the front view, side views and rear views. 360 photography has great applications in real estate, construction and applications such as Google Maps, Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and Bing Maps.

What Are Virtual Tours?

A virtual tour is a stitching of 360 photos together, to show a particular foot path in a business location such as a fitness center, apartment or house, construction site or a public facility such as a bus station or transportation hub. A virtual tour usually has directional arrows, which when click upon, will take you in that direction. This interactivity with a webpage or website helps in local search or local SEO.

Hi… I’m Dallas Plummer.

I am a digital marketing strategist and local SEO expert. I am a Google Trusted Photographer, that is, I am the guy you call on to come and take 360 photos of your business, to present on and manage your Google Maps and Google My Business accounts. Some of my peers call me an informationalist, that is, I can find information about pretty much anything from multiple sources: World Wide Web, government archives, museums or ancestral archives and information.

I started out from high school by becoming a self taught computer technical support specialist in the age of industrial data centers in the financial and healthcare industries. As an aside, I started playing and coaching football, which lead me to create a high school sports website in 1999. Which is where I developed an interest and expertise in photography. Currently, my Google Maps photos have over 250 million views and growing and with this expertise and skillset, I can help your local business achieve page one rankings in local search for both Google and Bing.

With prior experience in sports video optimization and local news editing, I have honed my skill-set in Local SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and all things digital marketing. Let’s see how local SEO, 360 photos, virtual tours and Google My Business/Bing Places for Business play together.

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